Hair Care

Seal Wefts 
SEW-­WHAT? VIRGIN HAIR! does not need any sealing. However,  throughout normal wear and tear, and with chemicals applied, it is recommended that you may seal your wefts to minimize shedding as much as possible. We recommend the brand FrayCheck to seal wefts. It can be found at your local Wal­Mart for $3 or any fabric or linen store. 
Co­wash (wash your hair using only conditioner) your hair once or twice every week to keep your hair well clean, moisturized, and healthy. If your hair is dry or tangling from dryness, deep condition your hair to bring it back to life. Please restrain from using products that contain alcohol and sulfate. 
Hair Care Products 
Use good name brand products: Organix, Crème of Nature, Cantu, Mixed­Chicks, Curls, WEN (Sally's brand), or Keracare are highly recommended just to name a few. If you have the Brazilian curly hair. We highly recommend that you use Cantu leave-in conditioner! We love how it softens the curls! Use a good leave­-in conditioner on all hair types to keep your hair soft, but please DON’T OVER DO IT. Too much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause a buildup and weigh your hair down. Again, avoid hair products that contain alcohol or sulfate. If you chose to use products with a chemical, make sure it has extra moisture. Using a conditioner that says "for dry hair" normally does. Alcohol & sulfate strips the hair of natural nutrients and makes hair dry. Ask your stylist what would be the best products for your hair. If you apply heat to your hair often, try using a heat protecting spray. TRESemme brand is a great one to use. 
Always untangle hair before shampooing with a weave/wig brush or wide tooth comb. When shampooing, make sure your hair is not bunched up or piled on top of your head. This can possibly tangle hair. Gently wash vertically in one direction. You paid a lot of money for this hair, so don’t ruin your hair and/or extensions by trying to save a couple of dollars on the super cheap products. Go with a good reputable brand. Using good quality products like shampoo & conditioners, Moroccan oil, etc will enhance the life of your hair extensions. Keep in mind, too much shampooing can possibly dry out your hair. If your extensions are sewn in, you need to treat them like your own hair and take good care of the hair. After you shower, feel free to dry your hair the same way you would have dried your own natural hair. We would highly recommend an ionic dryer, ceramic irons, etc as they have a less chance of damaging your hair.

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